Junior Tournament Results 2008

June 14th, 2008

Under 18 ( 60 entrants from 7 clubs )

Main Draw
Flight 1 – Wanless Red (Alec Walter and Jamie White) def. Wanless White (Stephen Wolf and Jake Brockman)
Flight 2 – Leaside (James Manely and Andreas Garcia) def. Kew Blue (Matt Millar and Abraham Roger)
Flight 3 – Leaside (Jonathan Pui and Samantha Pui) def. Sir Winston Churchill (Nick Salerni and Erin Lehrer)

Consolation Round
Flight 1 – Dentonia (Josh Amow and Joel Richardson) def. Leaside (Galen Jones and Noah Wolfe)
Flight 2 – Moore Park (Sasha Crawford-Holland and Romana Dragojevic) def. Moore Park (James Hunter and Tiberiu Agrogoraei)
Flight 3 – Wanless Red (Justin Wood and Mitchell Hillier) def. Kew Blue (Nat Klick and Colin Noel-Baldwin)

Under 12 ( 54 entrants from 8 clubs )

Main Draw
Flight 1 – Leaside (Thomas Lawlor and Jamie Maier) def. Rosedale (Sam Sumner and Avenesh Moorthy)
Flight 2 – Leaside (Reed Eckel and Ryan Kortovicius) def. Wanless White (Colton Lavery and Brookes Coffey)
Flight 3 – Leaside (Andrew Clinton and Brendon Mahoney) def. Wanless White (Andrew Marson and Siena Peloso)

Consolation Round
Flight 1 – Moore Park (Andrew Hunter and Geoffrey Gilbert) def. Dentonia Park (Alexis Teohari and C. Henry)
Flight 2 – Wanless Red (Ema Bakalova and Christopher Taylor) def. Dentonia Park (Gabriel Weedon-Purificati and Yaser Aziz)
Flight 3 – Dentonia Park (Barringer Turner and Noah Richardson) def. Wanless Red (Dimmo Bakalov and Tim Killeen)