OTA Club Manual

Please use the OTA operations manuals and recommendations to help build your club and and further develop your programming.

Club Organization and Operations

  1. Forming a Community Tennis Club
  2. Club Organization
  3. Hiring a Pro
  4. Managing Staff
  5. Coaching Certification
  6. Volunteers
  7. Strategic Planning Template for Clubs
  8. Marketing and Attracting New Members
  9. Dealing with the Government
  10. The Six Cs for Tennis Clubs
  11. The OTA Code of Conduct

Club Lesson and Event Programming

  1. Junior Development
  2. Adult Clinics
  3. House Leagues
  4. Club Teams and Leagues
  5. Ladders
  6. Club Championships
  7. Single Day Tournaments
  8. Competitive Events
  9. Social Tournaments and Get Acquainted Events
  10. Theme Events
  11. Fundraising Events and Ideas
  12. Pick-Up Play
  13. Senior Events

Tennis Facilities

  1. Facilities References
  2. Court Construction and Maintenance
  3. Lighting
  4. Peripheral Equipment
  5. Fencing and Windscreens
  6. Building a Practice Board